Establishing Workplace Safety using ISO 45005 (General guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic)

Establishing Workplace Safety using ISO 45005

(General guidelines for safe working during the COVID-19 Pandemic)


 Course Overview

The course discusses the effect of Covid 19 to the world, the economy, and the workplace. This will provide a basic understanding of the disease, its transmission, and its effects which can be used as a basis for the design, implementation, and improvement of a Covid 19 prevention and management program in the workplace.

The course will also provide a basic approach how to design a hybrid work arrangement to ensure that business objectives are supported in the workplace safety design.

 Course Objectives

This course will provide the participants

  • Familiarity of the basic COVID 19 virus-related information, transmission, and effect to humans
  • An overview of the framework to ensure a systematic and sustainable workplace safety using ISO/PAS 45005:2020
  • Basic understanding of the approaches to prevent and manage transmission across the workplace from planning, execution, review of performance, and improvement of a COVID 19 Workplace Safety Program
  • Basic approaches in designing hybrid workplace arrangements to ensure business objectives are met despite the restrictions

Course Content

  • Basic information on Covid 19 virus, transmission and effect of Covid 19 to the body
  • Provides an overview of the following
    • Establishing the workplace safety program using the P-D-C-A approach, from design, implementation, monitoring and measurement, and improvement of the Covid 19 workplace safety program. This includes covers the following
      • Understanding of the basic legal framework that OSH workplace program where the Covid 19 pandemic program can be established on
      • Planning considering the determination of business’ context with regards to Covid 19, the needs of employees and the stakeholders
      • Implementing programs that include communication to stakeholders, implementing workplace hygiene and personnel safety programs in the workplace
      • Monitoring and evaluating the compliance and effectiveness of the program, including how to ensure program improvement to sustainable effective programs through updating and review of the program
    • Overview of basic considerations un designing hybrid work schedules to ensure business objectives are met despite the restrictions


 Course Participants

Top management, OSH managers, Human Resources, and senior managers who are responsible for ensuring personnel safety in the workplace through workplace design maintenance and scheduling


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