Building a Resilient Organization through Quality Management System in the #NextNormal.PH


Course Overview

Many organizations were caught off guard by the pandemic. While many were ISO 9001-certified, their failure to fully understand and apply the standards to the changes have caused critical losses and inability to cope with the changes the pandemic has brought.

The webinar hopes to provide a course of action on how to effectively address, adapt and survive the pandemic within the framework of the QMS, to allow organizations to survive, sustain their businesses and be more resilient to even more drastic changes in the future. More than emergency preparedness, managing for business continuity, the organization’s resiliency over time is more critical.

Course Objectives

  • To understand what is happening in the environment and its implication to the organization
  • To be able to utilize the QMS framework in adapting to the changes brought about by the pandemic
  • To sustain the gains using the QMS framework to ensure the continuing profitability and resiliency of the organization

Course Topics

  • Importance of resilient organizations
  • Building resilience through the QMS framework
    • Understanding the Changing Context of the Organization
    • Changing Roles of Leadership
    • Addressing Risks and Planning for the Changes
    • Providing for New Resources
    • Operating in the New Normal
    • Evaluating the New Performance Metrics
    • Ensuring Continuous Improvement
  • Next steps to Ensuring Organizational Resiliency

Course Participants

This webinar course is designed for Top Management and the Management’s direct reports, Quality Managers, Operations Managers, Internal Auditors, Quality Practitioners to make them understand how the QMS can be used as a framework for addressing the impact of the pandemic and ensure the survival and continued survival of the organization.

This is to provide an explanation of the importance and use of the QMS as a management tool, beyond certification.

This webinar will be conducted on April 26, 2022 at 10:00 am via Zoom.
This webinar is FREE! If you want to avail e-certificate and handout, just pay PHP 560 (vat inc)
Limited Seats Only! A maximum of 2 participants per company will be accommodated! 
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