How are management standards established?

Managing the Business Better with QMS Series: Topic no. 1

By Mr. Manuel Arboleda

Management practices and standards are not established because a certain organization or group of people wanted that business to be run a certain way, much like regulatory agencies or large institutions of their other businesses. Management standards, or benchmarks, are often established based on what is observed among successful organizations, in whatever industry, whether for-profit or nonprofit, on how they have successfully run their organizations.

Whatever they have successfully done often becomes a reference to other businesses and organizations, even in different industries and endeavors. They become manifestations of good and successful management. The ISO 9001 framework, if understood well, is a management practice used by successful companies that are worth implementing in the organization.

Focusing efforts to comply and be ISO 9001 certified doesn’t automatically mean you are a good company; it merely says you have processes similar to successful companies. It is better that you have successfully applied these management frameworks, and the certification is merely a validation of what you have achieved.

Certification, therefore, would be more meaningful when you are using it, not complying with it.

“Certification, therefore, would be more meaningful when you are using it, not complying with it.”



Managing the Business Better with QMS Series 

How are management standards established?

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September 2021 | Mr. Manuel Arboleda